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Alien spaceships

For information on the alien power level class then, please consult the Alien Class section on the power levels page.

Aliens are traditionally seen by humans as beings that come in from outside the Earth however, when we say aliens, the meaning bears closer to beings more powerful than inferior-class beings as in latin, aliens are "exotic and foreign" which covers how our power levels are significantly different to the inferiors as we would be seen as a powerful foreign power to them although, if a being goes to a planet and they are not a native of that planet then, they may also be referred to as an alien as the mainstream human definition itself suggests.

Some aliens have also, created a number of artifacts with ones made by more powerful aliens tending to be more powerful with some even being able to warp the continuums like time and space in ways otherwise, normally impossible although, this is only possible if the inventor is a sufficiently advanced alien.

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